[Haskell-cafe] music-related problem

Michael Mossey mpm at alumni.caltech.edu
Sun Jul 4 17:21:26 EDT 2010

erik flister wrote:
> ties are a presentation-level issue, the underlying (sound) 
> representation is a single note.  i suggest
> Doc = [Note]
> where Notes have fields for their measure location and duration.  then 
> there's no issue with overlapping notes, and start/end times are easy to 
> calculate.  ties can be calculated easily later for graphical layout by 
> asking if durations overlap given boundaries (usually measure 
> boundaries, but also measure centers).

Hi erik,
I will look at your EDSL. However, I am dealing with ties because I am 
converting a MusicXML document into a more natural form for my purposes. 
The initial form of the document will have tied notes (as it comes that way 
from MusicXML), and I want to convert that into a form that makes it 
possible to ignore ties and see notes as having a single duration.


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