[Haskell-cafe] understanding Peano

Patrick Browne patrick.browne at dit.ie
Sat Jul 3 19:27:19 EDT 2010

I would like to understand the Peano module below.
I do wish to implement or improve the code.
I am unsure of the semantics of (suc = Suc) and then the subsequent use
of  (Suc n)
Is this an example of type-level programming?

module Peano where
data Nat = Zero | Suc Nat deriving Show

class Peano n where
 suc :: n -> n
 eq :: n -> n -> Bool
 plus :: n -> n -> n

instance  Peano Nat where
 suc = Suc
 eq Zero Zero = True
 eq (Suc m) (Suc n) = eq m n
 eq _ _ = False
 plus m Zero = m
 plus m (Suc n) = Suc (plus m n)

-- Some evaluations
let t1 = plus (Suc (Zero)) (Suc ( Suc (Zero)))
let t2 = plus (Suc (Suc(Zero))) ( Suc (Zero))
is 1+2=2+1?
eq t1 t2 -- true
*Peano> :t plus (Suc (Suc(Zero))) ( Suc (Zero))


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