[Haskell-cafe] How easy is it to hire Haskell programmers

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Jul 2 22:39:33 EDT 2010

> >> Hmm, interesting. Applicative and Traversable are two classes I've never  
> >> used and don't really understand the purpose of. I have no idea what  
> >> hsc2hs is. I keep hearing finger trees mentioned, but only in connection  
> >> to papers that I can't access. So I guess that means that I don't count  
> >> as a "knowledgable" Haskell programmer. :-(
> >
> > RWH is free and online, and covers many useful things. There's no
> > excuse :-)
> Knowing about something /= knowing how to use it.  I own and have read
> RWH, but I've never had to use hsc2hs, or Applicative, etc.

Writing libraries that bind to C is a great way to have to use a lot of
hsc2hs (or c2hs), so clearly you need to contribute more libraries :-)

But in this case, the OP didn't even know *about* the something.

-- Don

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