[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANN: bindings-DSL 1.0.4 (Category: FFI)

Maurí­cio CA mauricio.antunes at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 18:36:42 EST 2010

 >>   http://hackage.haskell.org/package/bindings-DSL
 >>   http://bitbucket.org/mauricio/bindings-dsl

 > The only thing I've missed for now is a #ccall equivalence
 > for "stdcall" functions, I hacked one up myself and called it
 > #stdcall, but it would be nice to have in the package proper if
 > possible.

Here is my attempt. I added #callconv macro, that accepts a
calling convention parameter. The lines below are now equivalent.

#ccall do_something , CString -> IO CInt

#callconv do_something , ccall , CString -> IO CInt

Would you mind give it some testing (and of course sugestions as
you wish) before I upload it to Hackage? The link below gives
you a few options for download format. Look for version 1.0.5.


There are a few good C libraries that work well under Linux and
Windows (libusb1.0 for Windows is in beta now, for instance). Do
you think we should have a macro that defaults to 'ccall' in Linux
and others and to 'stdcall' on Windows? If so, I would need some
help to avoid portability issues (like a list of platforms and
proper defaults).

Thanks for your toughts,


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