[Haskell-cafe] big problems with MS Access backends

Günther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Thu Jan 28 13:43:41 EST 2010


I need to use MS Access as a DB-backend. To make it not too easy there 
are tables with Umlaut Strings in some of the columns.

Using HDBC-ODBC the Umlauts get merely garbled, I believe because 
MS-Access delivers in some sort of UTF-16 and HDBC-ODBC seems to manage 
that fine safe for the Umlauts, which get garbled.

And Takusen crashes outright.

Are there other haskellers out there which were in the same situation, 
ie. MS-Acess and Umlauts (or other none-ascii) and been able to solve this?

I sure tried ...


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