[Haskell-cafe] ghc-core 0.5 build fails

Brian Denheyer briand at aracnet.com
Thu Jan 28 01:04:59 EST 2010

Hi all,

    Not in scope: data constructor `C.ExitException'

Looks like this comes from the base control.exception ?

When I go to the web page for control.exception, there is no

My reading of the hackage entry for ghc-core makes me think that I've
got the correct version of everything.

ghc is 6.10.4


Creating dist/build/ghc-core (and its parents)
Creating dist/build/ghc-core/ghc-core-tmp (and its parents)
/usr/bin/ghc -o dist/build/ghc-core/ghc-core --make -hide-all-packages
-i -idist/build/ghc-core/ghc-core-tmp -i. -idist/build/autogen
-Idist/build/autogen -Idist/build/ghc-core/ghc-core-tmp -optP-include
-optPdist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h -odir
dist/build/ghc-core/ghc-core-tmp -hidir
dist/build/ghc-core/ghc-core-tmp -stubdir
dist/build/ghc-core/ghc-core-tmp -package base- -package
colorize-haskell-1.0.0 -package directory- -package
filepath- -package pcre-light-0.3.1 -package process- -O
-Wall -XPatternGuards ./ghc-core.hs

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