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Haskell Weekly News
Issue 147 - January 24, 2010
   Welcome to issue 147 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   This week on the HWN, we have a new blogger in town, Bartek, over at
   'The Power of Types Compels You', wrote an excellent article which is
   highlighted in the blogs section. Many new packages this week as well,
   and some interesting discussions about performance and existential
   types. So, Haskellers, till next week, your Haskell Weekly News!


   ForSyDe DSL v3.1. Seyed Hosein Attarzadeh Niaki [2]announced a new
   version of the ForSyDe DSL. This version provides more freedom in the
   declaration of process functions, as well as compatibility with base 4.

   parameterized-data library v0.1.4. Seyed Hosein Attarzadeh Niaki
   [3]announced a new version of the parameterized-data library. The
   parameterized-data library provides fixed-sized vectors, this update is
   provide minor compatibility fixes.

   Updates and a new member of the Monadic Regions family. Bas van Dijk
   [4]announced several new updates and a new member of the Monadic
   Regions family.

   bindings-DSL 1.0.4 (Category: FFI). Mauricio CA [5]announced a new
   version of his package bindings-DSL.

   Haskell XML Toolbox Version 8.5.0. Uwe Schmidt [6]announced a new
   version of the Haskell XML Toolbox (HXT). The main change in this
   version is the separation of the XPath and XSLT modules.

   Cardinality-0.1. Andrey Sisoyev [7]announced the release of his package
   Cardinality, a package for transforming between container types safely.

   afv-0.0.3. Tom Hawkins [8]announced a new release of AFV, an infinite
   state model checker for simple, iterative C programs.

   CfP: PPDP 2010. Temur Kutsia [9]announced a call for papers for the
   PPDP 2010 conference in July

   Mini-announce: A few package updates. Andrew Coppin [10]announced
   several new releases and updates to AC-EasyRaster-GTK, AC-Vector, and
   other packages.

   amqp-0.1. Holger Reinhardt [11]announced the release of his AMQP
   library. It currently only works with RabbitMQ and supports most of the
   0-8 spec. An introduction to AMQP can be found [12]here.

   nntp 0.0.3. Maciej Piechotka [13]1f4e
   gmane.comp.lang.haskell.cafe/69228 announced a bugfix release to nntp.

   haskell-src-exts 1.7.0. Niklas Broberg [14]announced a new version of
   haskell-src-exts, featuring many new changes to the API.


   Existential Types (I guess). Ozgur Akgun [15]asked about a problem he
   encountered when trying to use Existential types.

   Is Haskell capable of matching C in string processing performance? John
   Millikin [16]asked a question about Haskell Performance... Quick!
   Someone get Don Stewart!

Blog noise

   [17]Haskell news from the [18]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * ++Bartek Paczesiowa++: [19]Pure, extensible exceptions and
       self-returning functions. Bartek, over at 'The Power of Types
       Compels You', wrote a fantastic introduction to his forthcoming
       exceptions package. It's funny, and a great read about using type
       families (particularly, equality constraints) to create a pure
       exception handling mechanic. Definitely worth a visit.
     * Neil Mitchell: [20]Optimising HLint.
     * Kevin Reid (kpreid): [21]Darcs repositories back.
     * Darcs: [22]darcs weekly news #52.
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [23]New GHC I/O manager, first sets of benchmark
     * Galois, Inc: [24]POPL 2010, Day 1.
     * Galois, Inc: [25]Tech Talk: A Scalable I/O Manager for GHC.
     * Galois, Inc: [26]PADL/PEPM 2010, Day 2.
     * Neil Brown: [27]The Process Composition Monad.
     * Galois, Inc: [28]PADL/PEPM 2010, Day 1.
     * Thomas M. DuBuisson: [29]GHC on ARM.
     * David Sankel: [30]Semantic Editor Combinators - one of my favorite
       blog posts.
     * David Sankel: [31]Best Haskell Papers of 2009.
     * Gtk2HS: [32]Compiling with ghc 6.12.
     * Arch Haskell News: [33]wxHaskell packaged for Arch.
     * Darcs: [34]darcs weekly news #51.
     * Don Stewart (dons): [35]Playing with the new Haskell epoll event
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [36]Target Enumeration with the Euler
       Characteristic. Parts 1 & 2.

Quotes of the Week

     * tensorpudding: the Plot monad allow you to keep the story pure by
       containing all the glaring time travel silliness
     * sproingie: quickcheck myLanguage.hs --> "Web browser created after
       285,731 tests"
     * RossPaterson: I'm afraid you voided the warranty when you used
     * aavogt: strong static typing is not a substitute for sleep
     * tensorpudding: fixity goes up to 11
     * temoto: Backwards written in as Forth?
     * Paczesiowa: oh. can't argue with Cale :)
     * Axman6: and smilies make code run faster

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