[Haskell-cafe] Failing to install hxt

haskell at kudling.de haskell at kudling.de
Sun Jan 24 06:24:37 EST 2010

Thank you, that worked. 

I wonder two things:

1) How to downgrade cabal packages? Just installing tagsoup-0.6 and removing
every trace of tagsoup-0.8 somehow didn't work for me. cabal still insisted that
there should be a tagsoup-0.8.

2) Is the commonly used version-scheming >= XYZ ideal? Maybe package maintainers
should depend on exactly one version they know that works? I mean how can you
guarantee, that every future version of a package will work?

Daniel Fischer <daniel.is.fischer at web.de> hat am 24. Januar 2010 um 00:59

> cabal unpack hxt-8.3.2
> open hxt.cabal in kate, change the range of the required tagsoup to
> (>= 0.6 && < 0.7)
> cd hxt-8.3.2
> cabal install
> perhaps not the _best_ solution, but quick and it usually works
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