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Haskell Weekly News
Issue 146 - January 17, 2010
   Welcome to issue 146 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   This has been a pretty light week in terms of discussion and
   announcments, but even in this comparative news lull we have the
   release of several new versions of packages. Inlcluding the start of a
   new IDE, some new job and graduate program openings, and some really
   excellent blog noise. Until next week, Haskellers, your Haskell Weekly


   haskell-src-exts 1.7.0. Niklas Broberg [2]announced a new release of

   Lite Haskell IDE. Mambo Banda [3]announced a new Haskell IDE, as part
   of his effort to learn Haskell.

   Functional Programming Bibliography. James Russell [4]announced the
   Functional Programming Bibliography, a new resource for the FP
   community. It, though in it's early stages, contains oer 1500
   references (most of which are Haskell-related) to resources within the
   Functional Programming World.

   hakyll-1.0. Jasper Van der Jeugt [5]announced the release of version
   1.0 of his static site generation tool, hakyll. From all (one) of us at
   the HWN, contragulations on the big 1.0!

   afv-0.0.0. Tom Hawkins [6]announced the initial release of 'Atom's
   Formal Verifier', a tool for verifying C code generated by Atom

   chp-2.0.0, chp-plus-1.0.0. Neil Brown [7]announced released new
   versions of his Comminicating Haskell Processes (CHP) packages. CHP is
   a message-passing concurrency library for Haskell. The major change in
   this version is a split of CHP into two packages, one containing core
   functionality, and one containing additional capabilities.

   Update for type-level library (0.2.4). Seyed Hosein Attarzadeh Niaki
   [8]announced a new version of his type-level library for type-level
   programming. This is a minor update to fix compatibility issues with

   Two PhD positions in theoretical computer science. Alexandra Silva
   [9]announced vacancies for PhD positions in theoretical computer
   science at Leiden University.

   HaXml-1.20.1. Malcolm Wallace [10]announced a new, stable release of

   AST 2010 reminder--call for papers and presentations. John Hughes
   [11]reminded us of the AST 2010 call for papers and presentations. The
   submission deadline is only one week away.

   Job at Mylife. Julien Verlaguet [12]announced an availabiity for an
   OCaml developer at MyLife.

   Open Position (PhD student or Postdoc), U Tubingen, Germany. Torsten
   Grust [13]announced an open PhD/Postdoc position at the University of
   Tubingen in Germany. (ED: Apologies for the improper 'u' -- it should
   have an umlaut, but the compilation software is not cooperating)

   Palindromes 0.2. Johan Jeuring [14]announced a new release of the
   Palindromes package, including many new features and upgrades.


   From records to a type class. Taru Karttunen [15]asked about turning
   records into type classes, in an effort to make his bindings for Fuse
   more elegant.

   AlternativePrelude extension. Sjur Gjostein Karevoll [16]suggested a
   language pragma for alternative preludes. (ED: Again, apologies for the
   look-alike, but improper character).

Blog noise

   [17]Haskell news from the [18]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Holumbus: [19]Linking Hayoo! Search Results.
     * Jeff Heard: [20]SPDE, Semi-functional programming for Processing.
     * Neil Mitchell: [21]Using .ghci files to run projects.
     * Neil Mitchell: [22]Better .ghci files.
     * Neil Brown: [23]Darcs.
     * Neil Brown: [24]Splitting CHP.
     * Darcs: [25]darcs weekly news #50.
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [26]Progress on GHC's I/O manager.
     * Michael Snoyman: [27]New blog address.
     * Conal Elliot: [28]Exact Numeric Integration. I had missed this one
       last week (amidst the myriad, I failed to see it), so it is
       presented in this week's edition.

Quotes of the Week

     * Jafet: <gwern> closures are a poor man's object <ddarius> objects
       are a poor man's closure <Berengal> objects are a rich man's
       structs <Jafet> Poor programmers should start unions
     * monochrom: Time flies like an Arrow. Space leaks like a Monad.
     * monochrom: Haskell already has natural language support. Just
       switch your natural language to simple-typed lambda calculus.
     * edwardk: @remember Baugn @remember lambdabot fasta says: I think
       the @remember command is way overused.
     * Berengal: data Neither a b = Left | Right
     * Cale: Removing monad comprehensions was actually the snowball which
       caused the avalanche of fail in Haskell 98

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