[Haskell-cafe] FFI, C/C++ and undefined references

DNM dnmehay at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 00:57:45 EST 2010

Note: I'm relatively new to Haskell, and my knowledge of C and C++ is
basically pretty
minimal -- I can read, modify and compile C/C++ programs (usually).

I'm trying to interface with some C++ code by writing a little bit of C code
that uses that C++ code,
and I'm getting "undefined reference" errors when I try to 'ghc --make' a
client application to test

Actually, I'm modifying Nitin Madnani's (freely available) Python SRILM
toolkit wrapper code.  (SRILM, 
by the bye, is a C++-based toolkit for training and using statistical n-gram
language models.  I was 
surprised that no-one has tried to do this yet -- or at least not that they
have shared with the rest of us.)  
Anyhow, I've verified that my modification of Madnani's C code works by
compiling it and running it 
through a SWIG interface in Madnani's Python code, so I'm pretty confident
the C client of SRILM 
is solid.   The culprit is either my Haskell FFI code or the client of that

Without cooking up a microcosm of my problem with little Foo's and Bar's,
I'll just give my
actual C, header file and Haskell code (or at least the relevant bits), and
then the error.

------------- srilm.h ----------------
#ifdef __cplusplus
  extern "C" {
    typedef struct Ngram Ngram; /* dummy type to stand in for class */

Ngram* bldLM(int order, const char* filename);
void deleteLM(Ngram* ngram);
float getSeqProb(Ngram* ngram, const char* ngramstr, unsigned order,
unsigned length);

#ifdef __cplusplus

------------- srilm.c ----------------
// Initialize and read in the ngram model
Ngram* bldLM(int order, const char* filename) { ... }
// Delete the ngram model
void deleteLM(Ngram* ngram) {
  delete srilm_vocab;
  delete ngram;
// Get the ngram probability of the given string, given n-gram order 'order'
and string length
// 'length'.
float getSeqProb(Ngram* ngram, const char* ngramstr, unsigned order,
unsigned length) { ...}

Next, the Haskell FFI specs and code that marshals data between Haskell and

---------------- LM.hs ----------------------
{-# INCLUDE "srilm.h" #-}
{-# LANGUAGE ForeignFunctionInterface, EmptyDataDecls #-}
... module decl's, imports, etc.
{- | A dummy placeholder for SRILM n-gram model thingies. -}
data Ngram

data NGModel = NGModel {ng :: !(ForeignPtr Ngram)}

foreign import ccall "srilm.h bldLM"
    c_blm :: CInt -> CString -> Ptr Ngram

foreign import ccall "srilm.h deleteLM"
    c_dlm :: FunPtr ((Ptr Ngram) -> IO ())

foreign import ccall "srilm.h getSeqProb" 
    c_ngramProb :: Ptr Ngram -> CString -> CUInt -> CUInt -> CFloat

   | Given an n-gram model, an Int representing the n-gram order
     and a list of strings (word sequence), compute the 
     n-gram probability of the sequence.
scoreSequence :: NGModel -> Int -> [String] -> Float
scoreSequence ngram order seq = 
    unsafePerformIO $ do
      stringSeq <- newCString (unwords seq)
      let sc = c_ngramProb (unsafeForeignPtrToPtr $ ng ngram) stringSeq
(fromIntegral order) (fromIntegral $ length seq)
      return (realToFrac sc)
buildLM :: Int -> String -> NGModel
buildLM order fname = 
    NGModel $ 
            unsafePerformIO $ do
              cFName <- newCString fname
              let ng = c_blm (fromIntegral order) cFName
              return $ unsafePerformIO $ newForeignPtr c_dlm ng

Now, I've defined a simple app that tries to use this:

------------------- Main.hs -------------------------
module Main where
import SRILM.LM(scoreSequence, buildLM)

main :: IO ()
main = do
  let lm = buildLM 5 "eng.kn.5g.lm"
  putStrLn $ show $ scoreSequence lm 5 ["the", "prime", "minister", "gave",
"a", "speech", "."]

But when I try to compile it (after having successfully compiled the C code
with g++), I get:

$ ghc --make Main.hs
Linking Main ...
LM.o: In function `r18k_info':
(.text+0x122): undefined reference to `bldLM'
LM.o: In function `r18m_info':
(.text+0x14e): undefined reference to `deleteLM'
LM.o: In function `r18o_info':
(.text+0x28b): undefined reference to `getSeqProb'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Any ideas?

Note that I'm not confident that everything on the Haskell side is correct,
but it seems
that ghc can't find my C client of SRILM.  As I said, I've compiled this
using g++, and it works when I interface with it through Python.

Sorry for the long-windedness, but I figured I'd err on the side of TMI so
that I don't
have to keep posting more and more code snippets and error messages.  Any
is greatly appreciated.  (And I'd be happy to share my interface to SRILM to
who's interested, once I get it working -- and I get permission from Nitin
Madnani to
distribute a modified version of his code.)

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