[Haskell-cafe] Language simplicity

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Tue Jan 12 17:26:31 EST 2010

Am Dienstag 12 Januar 2010 23:12:20 schrieb Niklas Broberg:
> > Haskell '98 apparently features 25 reserved words. (Not counting
> > "forall" and "mdo" and so on, which AFAIK are not in Haskell '98.)
> 21 actually. case, class, data, default, deriving, do, else, if,
> import, in, infix, infixl, infixr, instance, let, module, newtype, of,
> then, type, where. There's also three special words that can still be
> used as identifiers, so aren't reserved: as, qualified, hiding.

Okay, 'as' is easy. But can you find a situation where 'qualified' or 
'hiding' would be natural choices for an identifier? I'd love to see those 
in some code :)

> /Niklas

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