[Haskell-cafe] hackage build errors

Jonathan Daugherty drcygnus at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 01:54:10 EST 2010

> I noticed on my package's hackage page there is a build failure message:
> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/txt-sushi
> I don't know if these are real errors or not (I don't experience them
> on OS X and it's pure Haskell code) but I did poke around and noticed
> that some popular packages on hackage also have build failures:

Just as an extra data point, I've found that some of the build errors
on Hackage are due to the machine's build state and not due to any
intrinsic failure in the package in question.  Furthermore, Hackage
does not generate Haddock for these packages even though generating
Haddock would still be 1) possible and 2) useful.  I think it would be
better to divorce the build process from the Haddock generation, since
they aren't necessarily related (and Haddock builds will fail if the
package *is* trivially broken.)

  Jonathan Daugherty

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