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Haskell Weekly News
Issue 145 - January 10, 2010
   Welcome to issue 145 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   Welcome back Haskellers to the HWN! After a short hiatus we return with
   a megaedition covering the last three weeks of Haskell news and
   discussion. Needless to say, lots of new package and event
   announcements, as well as some really great discussions (the discussion
   about 'lawless' uninstances of Functors was particularly interesting)
   over the holiday break. Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday
   season, and is back now steadily working off the winter-weight (in
   accordance with resolutions or no) by tapping steadily at the keyboard,
   producing wonderful new packages for me to place in this, your Haskell
   Weekly News!


   Last CfP for TGC 2010: EXTENDED deadline Jan. 20 2010. Emilio Tuosto
   [2]announced an extension to the TGC'10 call for papers.

   SourceGraph- and Graphalyze- Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
   [3]announced new releases of the SourceGraph and Graphalyze packages.

   Streaming Component Combinators 0.4. Mario Blazevic [4]announced
   version 0.4 of Streaming Component Combinators (SCC).

   safer-file-handles-0.1. Bas van Dijk [5]announced a new member of the
   'monadic regions' family -- safer-file-handles. This package provides
   safety features on top of System.IO for handling file handles and

   HOR 2010 1st CALL FOR ABSTRACTS. Frederic Blanqui [6]1f4e
   gmane.comp.lang.haskell.general/17710 announced the first call for
   abstracts for the Fifth International Workshop on Higher-Order

   vty- Corey O'Connor [7]announced a new version of the vty

   stm-io-hooks-0.6.0. Peter Robinson [8]announced a new version of
   stm-io-hooks. This version includes major interface changes, including
   the elimation of the 'onRetry' combinator.

   hecc-0.2. Marcel Fourne [9]announced the second release of his elliptic
   curve cryptography package, hecc. This release includes a license
   change to the BSD3 license, speed improvements, and new algorithms for
   point multiplication, as well as other changes.

   ghc-6.12.1 binary package for OpenSolaris. Michael Lee [10]announced a
   binary package availability of ghc-6.12 for OpenSolaris.

   Final Call for Participation: TLDI'10. Andrew Kennedy [11]announced the
   final call for participation in TLDI'10, the Workshop on Types in
   Language Design and Implementation.

   Haskell Web News: Looking back on 2009. Don Stewart [12]announced The
   Haskell Web News, a monthly summary of the hottest news about the
   Haskell programming language.

   hakyll-0.4. Jasper Van der Jeugt [13]announced the release of hakyll, a
   static site generator library.

   system-uuid-1.2.0. Jason Dusek [14]announced a new release of

   New versions of ALL the monadic regions packages. Bas van Dijk
   [15]announced a new version of all of the monadic regions packages,
   explanation of what this means is best left to the original post,
   linked previously.

   tuntap-0.0.1. John Van Enk [16]announced a new package, extracted from
   his in-progress VPN project. This package provides access to the
   TUN/TAP device in Linux.

   CPython / libpython bindings. John Millikin [17]announced a package
   providing bindings to the C API for CPython/libpython.


   Typed Configuration Files. Sebastian Fischer [18]asked about whether
   there was an analogue to CmdArgs for config files.

   Review request for my permutations implementation. CK Kashyap [19]asked
   for a review of his implementation of a function for finding
   permutations -- in addition to a review he asked for earlier for code
   involving monads. The result is a nice pair of threads with
   introductory material about idiomatic, efficient Haskell code.

   lawless instances of Functor. Paul Brauner [20]asked about 'lawless'
   instances (Editor's Note: more so -- 'uninstances', since by
   definition, it cannot be a functor without satisfying the laws, even if
   it an instance can be written) of the `Functor` class. This is in an
   effort to better understand how Functors work in Haskell and in the
   wider theory.

Blog noise

   [21]Haskell news from the [22]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Neil Mitchell: [23]Using .ghci files to run projects.
     * Tom Moertel: [24]A formal language for recipes: brain dump.
     * Mark Jason Dominus: [25]A monad for probability and provenance.
     * Alex Mason: [26]A small follow up.
     * Russell O'Connor: [27]Constructive Classical Completeness.
     * Galois, Inc: [28]GHC Nominated for Programming Language Award.
     * Neil Brown: [29]CHP vs CML, Forking and Picky Receivers.
     * Conal Elliott: [30]Is Haskell a purely functional language?.
     * Conal Elliott: [31]Can functional programming be liberated from the
       von Neumann paradigm?.
     * Real-World Haskell: [32]Real World Haskell in
     * Conal Elliott: [33]Garbage collecting the semantics of FRP.
     * Alex Mason: [34]Why I love Cereal.
     * Mark Jason Dominus: [35]A short bibliography of probability monads.
     * Conal Elliott: [36]Communication, curiosity, and personal style.
     * Epilogue for Epigram: [37]Bidirectional Basics.
     * Neil Mitchell: [38]Explaining Haskell IO without Monads.
     * Conal Elliott: [39]Is program proving viable and useful?.
     * Conal Elliott: [40]Why program with continuous time?.

Quotes of the Week

     * fasta: Haskell is like an efficient version of Python and is used
       for the same things.
     * koeien37: there are the languages that everybody complains about,
       and the languages that nobody use
     * Pseudonym: Olegs can be warded off by adding a note claiming that
       it's impossible to implement in the type system.
     * elly: I leave for five minutes and godel numbering of endofunctors
       is invokved as a potential proof that the universe is simulated.
       Thanks, #haskell :P
     * kmc: a monad is like an invisible train filled with jello traveling
       backwards in time
     * conal: "Obviously" is one of those words that is most useful when
       it is least true
     * Jafet: Javascript is pretty much a DSL for making your web browser
       take up more CPU
     * copumpkin: limpac: in this channel we're all automata with no
       feelings, except for the occasional feeling of hate.
     * dmhouse: I'm not sure it's working correctly but it sure is fast...
     * Cale: We need a bunch of "Will it monad?" video clips, with "It
       monads!" at the end of each.
     * merijn: I run on HST (Hacker Standard Time) which is essentially
       current time zone -3
     * ray: [about an anti-FP blog post] i came up with some contrived
       example, announced that it's impossible, and therefore FP sucks
     * hiredman: I used to think "dons" was a title, like people who were
       recognized as being really good at haskell were called dons

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