[Haskell-cafe] Re: FASTER primes

Will Ness will_n48 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 3 07:16:25 EST 2010

Will Ness <will_n48 <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> ... It was a big STOP sign on the way to 
> Postponed Filters - Euler's - Bird's merged multiples - tree-merging (with 
> wheel) road of little steps, and used as a justification for her to make a
> big leap across the chasm towards the PQ code. 

correction: "across the /supposed/ chasm". 

There is no chasm. There is a nice straight freeway, with rest stops and 
gas stations, and exits to local roads going across the county in every 
which way. :) 

> .. and that is of course a matter of personal preference. A genius is
> perfectly capable of making big leaps across chasms. Heck they might even
> be able to fly :)

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