[Haskell-cafe] OpenSUSE 11.2

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Sun Feb 28 17:18:36 EST 2010

Am Sonntag 28 Februar 2010 22:57:05 schrieb Andrew Coppin:
> Andrew Coppin wrote:
> > Now, hypothetically, I should have a Linux Haskell system, so I can
> > actually compile *anything* that's on Hackage.
> Heh, I forgot how much fun building Gtk2hs is. ;-)

But that's not yet on hackage :)

> The only library I've
> ever seen that takes more than 11 seconds to build... (Currently at 10
> *minutes* and counting!)
> Oh, and it seems to not want to build with GHC 6.12.1. Is that normal,

Yes, as far as I know, there's no gtk2hs release for 6.12 yet.

> or did I do something wrong? (It seems to be building just fine with GHC
> 6.10.4...)
There's a version for 6.10.4, so that ought to build indeed.

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