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Haskell Weekly News
Issue 150 - February 22, 2010
   Welcome to issue 150 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   From the very pits of Harddrive failure I return... The Haskell Weekly
   News Reborn! Last week, on friday, my HWN machine suffered what can
   only be appropriately named a unbelievably poorly timed hard drive
   failure, hence the lack of an HWN. I trumphently return this week with
   a megaedition. Tons and tons of awesome stuff happened in the last two
   weeks. So I won't make you wait any longer, haskellers, your Haskell
   Weekly News!


   vty-ui 0.3. Jonathan Daugherty [2]announced a new version of vty-ui,
   featuring a richer rendering engine, generalized text transformations,
   and a more functional style.

   darcs 2.4 release candidate 2. Reinier Lamers [3]announced a new
   release candidate for darcs 2.4.

   iteratee-parsec 0.0.1. Maciej Piechotka [4]announced the release of
   iteratee-parsec, a library whih provides support for parsec parsers in
   an Iteratee monad.

   concurrent-extra-0.1. Roel van Dijk [5]announced the release of
   concurrent-extra, which provides a few new synchronization primitives.

   wyvern, a Dragon Go Server 'client'. wagnerdm [6]announced wyvern, a
   Dragon Go Server 'client', which plays moves for you on the [7]Dragon
   Go Server.

   atom-1.0.0. Tom Hawkins [8]announced a new major release of the atom

   Call for Copy: Monad.Reader Issue 16. Brent Yorgey [9]announced the
   call for copy for Monad.Reader issue 16.

   hmatrix 0.8.3. Alberto Ruiz [10]announced a new version of hmatrix.

   First Atlanta Function Programming Users Group Meeting. David
   Vollbracht [11]announced the first Atlanta FP Group meetup.

   TFP 2010 - Call for Papers and Participation. Simon Marlow
   [12]announced a call for papers and particpation in TFP 2010, the 11th
   Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming.

   CMCS 2010: Call for Short Submissions & Call for Participation.
   Alexandra Silva [13]announced a call for short submissions and
   participation in the 10th International Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods
   in Computer Science.

   WGP 2010 Call for Papers. Bruno Oliveira [14]announced a call for
   papers for Workshop on Generic Programming.

   ICE 2010: First call for papers. Alexandra Silva [15]announced the
   first call for papers for ICE2010, the 3rd Interation and Concurrency
   Experience workshop.

   Call for Papers: Haskell Symposium 2010. Jeremy.Gibbons [16]announced a
   call for papers for the 2010 Haskell Symposium.

   Dungeons of Wor - a largish FRP example and a fun game, all in one!
   Patai Gergely [17]announced Dungeons of Wor, a Game written in Haskell
   using the Elerea library and Functional Reactive Techniques.


   The Related monad and constant values in type classes. Jonas Almstroem
   Duregard [18]talked about a common pattern which occurs when
   associating data with a type (as opposed to a value).

   Heterogeneous Data Structures - Nested Pairs and functional references.
   Guenther Schmidt [19]asked about different ways to implement
   heterogeonous datastructures.

Blog noise

   [20]Haskell news from the [21]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Michael Snoyman: [22]Four HTTP Request Body Interfaces (repost).
     * Brent Yorgey: [23]Math.Combinatorics.Multiset.
     * Darcs: [24]darcs weekly news #55.
     * Galois, Inc: [25]Tech Talk: Modern Benchmarking in Haskell.
     * Ketil Malde: [26]Tools for pyrosequencing analysis.
     * Arch Haskell News: [27]Arch Haskell News: February 2010.
     * Don Stewart (dons): [28]Migrating from uvector to vector.
     * GHC / OpenSPARC Project: [29]Memory Barriers and GHC 6.12.1.
     * Darcs: [30]darcs weekly news #54.
     * Gergely Patai: [31]Behind the dungeons.
     * David Amos: [32]How to find a strong generating set.

Quotes of the Week

     * fasta: And by cool, I mean 'that is not supposed to happen'.
     * uncyclopedia: Calculations which are undefined are denoted by the
       _|_ symbol, pronounced Bottom, which the documentation explains as
       the compiler giving you the finger.
     * Draconx|Laptop: mathematics is the art of finding different ways to
       write "therefore".
     * medfly: Cale, #haskell wants to know all your personal preferences
       so we can all copy you
     * Cale: Gentoo is a massive waste of electricity.
     * hobophobe: So, I can only conclude that Haskell is a memetic virus,
       and monads are the eggs it lays out in innocent programming forums
       to entice others to become infected.
     * benmachine: unsafeCoerce is just a generalisation of id
     * jmcarthur: what good is a state monad if your state is basically 'i
       have no idea what the hell my state is'?

About the Haskell Weekly News

   New editions are posted to [33]the Haskell mailing list as well as to
   [34]the Haskell Sequence and [35]Planet Haskell. [36]RSS is also
   available, and headlines appear on [37]haskell.org.

   To help create new editions of this newsletter, please see the
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