[Haskell-cafe] Re: darcs 2.4 release candidate 2

Ben Franksen benjamin.franksen at bessy.de
Sun Feb 21 15:32:30 EST 2010

And here are the numbers for record -lam:

ben at sarun[1]: .../rtems/rtems-4.9.0 > darcs --version
2.3.1 (release)
ben at sarun[1]: .../rtems/rtems-4.9.0 > time darcs record -lam'import release
Finished recording patch 'import release 4.9.0'
darcs record -lam'import release 4.9.0'  143,33s user 6,57s system 69% cpu
3:34,22 total


ben at sarun[1]: .../rtems/rtems-4.9.0 > /home/ben/.cabal/bin/darcs --version (release candidate 2)
ben at sarun[1]: .../rtems/rtems-4.9.0 > time /home/ben/.cabal/bin/darcs
record -lam'import release 4.9.0'
withSignalsHandled: Interrupted!

/home/ben/.cabal/bin/darcs record -lam'import release 4.9.0'  1549,45s user
11,81s system 94% cpu 27:40,50 total

(killed by me)

Re Petr Rockai:

No this isn't critical for us at the moment, so I don't need a workaround. I
still think regressions of such a scale should be considered a bug.


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