[Haskell-cafe] grapefruit on windows or osX

gladstein at gladstein.com gladstein at gladstein.com
Sun Feb 21 15:57:45 EST 2010

I'm unable to get grapefruit going on osx or windows because (I think) I
can't get the underlying GTK installed.

Most recently I can't install gtk2hs over 6.10.4 because the installer
tells me my haskell install isn't working and I should reinstall 6.10.1.
It invites me to continue anyway and fix the DLL path myself.

I continued and it doesn't work; cabal install grapefruit-ui-gtk still
fails because it can't find a version of 'gtk'. The gtk demo program
does work.

Is the situation impossible, or do I just have to somehow tell something
about some path?

Hope that's all clear, and thanks in advance.

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