[Haskell-cafe] What happened in Ohloh?

Paul Johnson paul at cogito.org.uk
Sat Feb 20 06:09:26 EST 2010

On 19/02/10 22:31, Don Stewart wrote:
> paul:
>> I'd like to use this kind of graph at work as evidence that Haskell is
>> on a growth trajectory.
> You might be more interested in data from Hackage:
>      http://www.galois.com/blog/2009/03/23/one-million-haskell-downloads/
> runched when we passed the 1M downloads mark a year ago (closer to 2M
> downloads now).
> We've also got just shy of 2000 packages on Hackage, up from 1100 a year
> ago (~3 new packages a day)
Thanks Don.  I've already used this data in presentations.  I don't want 
to use the Hackage upload graph you posted because a) its got more to do 
with the growth of Hackage than the growth of Haskell, and b) it levels 
off.  I need something with more visual punch.

This is always a problem, related to the "Why is Haskell so little used 
in Industry" question.  Decision makers use a simple chain of reasoning: 
I've never heard of it => academic language => can't hire programmers => 
unsupportable software.

Maybe I should write a "guide to Haskell advocacy in the workplace".  
Would there be any interest?

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