[Haskell-cafe] Category Theory woes

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Thu Feb 18 20:48:59 EST 2010


wow, a topic specific response, at last... But I wish you would be more 
specific... ;-)

>> A *referrer* (object) refers to a *referee* (object) by a *reference*
>> (arrow).
> Doesn't work for me. Not in Ens (sets, maps), Grp (groups, homomorphisms), 
> Top (topological spaces, continuous mappings), Diff (differential 
> manifolds, smooth mappings), ... .
Why not begin with SET and functions...

Every human has a certain age, so that there is a function, ageOf:: 
Human-> Int, which can be regarded as a certain way of a reference 
relationship between Human and Int, in that by agoOf,

* Int reflects a certain aspect of Human, and, on the other hand,
* the structure of Human can be traced to Int.

Please tell me the aspect you feel uneasy with, and please give me your 
opinion, whether (in case of accepting this) you would rather choose to 
consider Human as referrer and Int as referee of the opposite -- for I 
think this is a deep question.

Thank you in advance,


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