[Haskell-cafe] Linear programming in Haskell

Matthias Görgens matthias.goergens at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 18 11:49:44 EST 2010

> But, isn't it the case that you can transform any linear inequality into a
> linear equality and a slack (or excess) variable? That's actually what you
> *need to do* to turn the problem into the canonical form, so that simplex
> can handle it.

Yes.  The simplex is usually implemented in this form.  If you just
want to play around with linear programming in Haskell, you could try
write an FFI wrapper aruond SCIP (http://scip.zib.de/).  (Though the
licence of scip is probably not what you want.  But there are other
solvers available, too.)

The domain specific language (and compiler of the same name) ZIMPL may
be worth a look for linear programming. (http://zimpl.zib.de/)

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