[Haskell-cafe] hsWidgets: yet another GUI library

Yuras Shumovich shumovichy at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 03:44:29 EST 2010


First of all, sorry my pure english...

My aim was to prove that haskell GUI library can be:
   - pure: does not use any kind of mutable variables
   - statically typed: does not use existential types, Data.Dynamic, etc.
   - easy to use: simple things should be simple
   - easy to extend: writing new widgets should be as simple as possible

The result is here:
Usage example:

The library is based on X11 and is tested on Linux and Mac OS.
It is only an experiment in haskell GUI design, so it is mainly
useless (currently only label, button and button with label are
implemented) and looks ugly.

Your comments and ideas are highly welcome.

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