[Haskell-cafe] vector to uvector and back again

stefan kersten sk at k-hornz.de
Thu Feb 11 14:39:57 EST 2010

On 11.02.10 18:55, Henning Thielemann wrote:
>> i've been using the library for wavelet transforms, matching pursuits
>> and the like,
> Nice I have also worked on this topics, even with Haskell. However, at
> that time I used plain lists.

interesting! was performance acceptable for practical work? at the moment i'm
not too concerned about performance -- the base line maybe could be to be
competitive with matlab. in the long run i hope i'll be able to scale my stuff
to larger amounts of data, however ...

>> and while my implementations are not heavily optimized, they perform
>> reasonably well (no benchmarking done yet, though). the key arguments
>> for using vector instead of uvector were the cleaner interface and
>> Data.Vector.Storable for interfacing with foreign libraries (such as
>> fftw, through the fft package).
> Btw. Data.StorableVector can also be used for this interfacing, and
> I would be very interested in an interface to FFTW. Actually, I have
> already used FFTW on StorableVector

i'm simply using the fft package and adapted some of it's internals to work on
Data.Vector.Storable; nothing fancy though, and only for RC and CR transforms.
let me know if you're interested in the code ...

> There is also Data.StorableVector.Lazy which is nice for processing
> stream data.

yes, i know about storablevector, but i already had some code using uvector,
so in the end vector was the easier upgrade. to me the relative merits of
storablevector vs. vector are still unclear; the lazy interface could be
implemented on top of vector as well, i suppose?


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