[Haskell-cafe] Using Cabal during development

Jason Dusek jason.dusek at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 12:19:26 EST 2010

  My development environment is a Screen with Bash, Vim and GHCi

  If I can just load the files in GHCi or compile them with GHC
  without specifying many options or extensions, then I just do
  it that way. As soon as I feel a need to write a Makefile or a
  little build script, I write a Cabal file instead and switch
  to using `cabal-install'.

  When I say "many" options or extensions, I nearly mean "any".
  Most projects of mine get a Cabal file at the point where I
  feel the need for the first `LANGUAGE' pragma. (I usually omit
  `LANGUAGE' pragmas, delegating to Cabal for that. I'm not sure
  whether this is good or bad practice.)

Jason Dusek

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