[Haskell-cafe] Re: haskelldb in-memory driver?

Günther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Tue Feb 9 08:20:46 EST 2010

Hello Johannes,

no, sorry, HaskellDB is only meant for RDBM back ends, it eventually 
generates SQL (Strings).

I tried to create an EDSL for relational algebra in the finally tagless 
style. This would theoretically allow to create entirely abstract 
expressions which could then be evaluated to either SQL or in-memory 
code or whatever.
Of course I don't even know how to get started and at the moment it's on 
the very top of my wish-list because I really need it badly.
All my code eventually turned into spaghetti code and without being able 
to express the algorithm abstractly(but correctly) and decide on 
implementation later I don't think will even try to untangle my mess, 
because at least it works.


Am 07.02.10 16:44, schrieb Johannes Waldmann:
> Is there a haskelldb-driver that works with a datasource
> that is in memory, as a Haskell object?
> (like LINQ can work on C# collections) - J.
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