[Haskell-cafe] cannot post to haskellmode-emacs@projects.haskell.org

Jens Petersen petersen at haskell.org
Sun Feb 7 00:42:37 EST 2010

On 7 February 2010 07:39, Jose A. Ortega Ruiz <jao at gnu.org> wrote:
> all my posts to the haskellmode-emacs list (using the address in the
> subject) are being rejected with the error:
>  451 451 Temporary local problem - please try later (state 18)
> (after several retries by the Google smtp server, which i use as a
> smarthost).

I have been experiencing this often too recently when trying to
post to haskell-platform list.  I wonder if some of the googlemail
smtp servers got blacklisted on projects.haskell.org because of


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