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On Tue, 02 Feb 2010 09:16:03 -0800, Creighton Hogg wrote:

> 2010/2/2 Álvaro García Pérez <agarcia at babel.ls.fi.upm.es>
>> You may try Pierce's "Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists" or
>> Awodey's "Category Theory", whose style is rather introductory. Both of them
>> (I think) have a chapter about functors where they explain the Hom functor
>> and related topics.
> I think Awodey's book is pretty fantastic, actually, but I'd avoid Pierce.
>  Unlike "Types and Programming Languages", I think "Basic Category
> Theory..." is a bit eccentric in its presentation and doesn't help the
> reader build intuition.

I have written an overview of various category theory books, which you may find useful, at the following site:

Learning Haskell through Category Theory, and Adventuring in Category Land: Like Flatterland, Only About Categories

Hope this helps.

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