[Haskell-cafe] sendfile leaking descriptors on Linux?

Thomas Hartman tphyahoo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 20:44:55 EST 2010

Do you have a test script to reproduce the behavior?

I am interested in this patch-tag uses sendfile (via happstack) to
serve static data, and I'd like to know if I'm affected by this.

2010/2/4 Bardur Arantsson <spam at scientician.net>:
> Hi all,
> I've been using the sendfile package off Hackage, but it seems to be leaking
> file descriptors when using the Linux-native build.
> What's happening in my specific case is the following:
>   1) client requests a range of a file
>   2) server starts sending the range
>   3) client disconnects before receiving the whole file
> This happens over and over with the client requesting different ranges of
> the file (so the client does make progress).
> If I use the portable build of the sendfile package, everything works fine
> for hours and hours of this happening.
> If I use the Linux-native build of the sendfile package, the server
> will eventually run out of file descriptors. According to "lsof" the files
> that are being kept open are the data files being sent in 2) above.
> This is on GHC 6.10.x (Ubuntu).
> Is anyone else seeing this? Anyone got any idea what's going on?
> Cheers,
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