[Haskell-cafe] Game of life in haskell.

Lyndon Maydwell maydwell at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 19:15:19 EST 2010

Thanks for the replies.

I have heard of Hash Life, but I thought I'd try a more naive approach
first, build up some type-classes, then create some more interesting
implementations (although I think I'd struggle with implementing Hash
Life in haskell at this point).

> What is the meaning of fuzzy Game of Life? Where can I read about?

I don't think there are any official rules for fuzzy Life, and it
would really be a different automaton, but you can still get some of
the same Life phenomenon occurring in it. It gets mentioned reasonably
often and shows up if you google for it. (For example:

I'd like to create something of a cellular-automaton engine with a
fair degree of flexibility (2d/3d, boolean/fuzzy/other, different
neighborhoods). It could make a fairly nice screen-saver if it were
polished, but I can't really see any applications beyond that.

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