[Haskell-cafe] Not in scope: type constructor or class `Map'

michael rice nowgate at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 30 17:01:01 CET 2010

Not sure what's going on here. Doesn't like line 5, the type statement. And what's with the semicolons in that line and in function main?



From: http://www.haskell.org/ghc/docs/6.10.3/html/libraries/mtl/Control-Monad-Reader.html

import Control.Monad.Reader
import qualified Data.Map as Map
import Data.Maybe

type Bindings = Map String Int;

-- Returns True if the "count" variable contains correct bindings size.
isCountCorrect :: Bindings -> Bool
isCountCorrect bindings = runReader calc_isCountCorrect bindings

-- The Reader monad, which implements this complicated check.
calc_isCountCorrect :: Reader Bindings Bool
calc_isCountCorrect = do
    count <- asks (lookupVar "count")
    bindings <- ask
    return (count == (Map.size bindings))

-- The selector function to  use with 'asks'.
-- Returns value of the variable with specified name.
lookupVar :: String -> Bindings -> Int
lookupVar name bindings = fromJust (Map.lookup name bindings)

sampleBindings = Map.fromList [("count",3), ("1",1), ("b",2)]

main = do
    putStr $ "Count is correct for bindings " ++ (show sampleBindings) ++ ": ";
    putStrLn $ show (isCountCorrect sampleBindings);


Prelude> :l monad5
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( monad5.hs, interpreted )

monad5.hs:5:16: Not in scope: type constructor or class `Map'
Failed, modules loaded: none.

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