[Haskell-cafe] Unknown symbol `__dso_handle' with Template Haskell and wxHaskell

Alexander Bau abau at imn.htwk-leipzig.de
Tue Dec 28 06:14:44 CET 2010

> GHCi and cabal didn't work, but ghc --make did.

Neither GHCi, cabal nor ghc --make works.

I refactored my code, so that all TH related stuff does not depend on 
wxHaskell, i.e. wxHaskell doesn't need to be loaded during THs code 
generation. Then ghc --make works fine. But when using cabal, the same 
error occurs. 

It seems to me that TH (when used with cabal) loads all packages 
specified at "Build-Depends" in your cabal file (whether they are needed 
or not). ghc --make instead just loads all packages, that are really 
needed for THs code generation.

But this is just a workaround and does not explain why TH does not work 
with wxHaskell. I think this is somehow related to the inability to use 
wxHaskell inside of GHCi [1], because then the same error occurs.

[1] http://comments.gmane.org/

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