[Haskell-cafe] Looking for Haskell job at China.

Andy Stewart lazycat.manatee at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 06:11:43 CET 2010

Hi all,

I'm a Chinese haskeller, i'm looking for haskell job at *China*.

Please contact me if any Chinese company interested me.

Below is my skills:

    * Java : (2007-06 ~ 2008-09)
        Worked on a variety of commercial J2ME games, masterpiece <<Machine King>> : http://goo.gl/lcJF
    * Elisp : (2008-07 ~ 2009-05)
        Emacs expert, developed over a large number of Emacs extensions : http://goo.gl/DNLj
        My best-known Emacs extensions are:
           AutoInstall (automatic installation of Emacs extensions):
           MultiTerm (terminal emulator): 
           Yaoddmuse (OddmuseWiki editor): 
		   ElispFormat (Elisp formatter): 
		   Irfc (RFC document reader): 
		   too much :)
		Other emacs extensions and elisp code, please see my EmacsWiki homepage: 
    * Haskell : (2009-05 ~ 2010)
	    Haskell/Gtk+ expert.

        Developer of gtk2hs (Haskell binding to GTK+) : http://goo.gl/AhJw
        Development of a large number of Haskell libraries: http://goo.gl/CoV0
        I'm developing my own Haskell operating system : 
		    Video:				http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weS6zys3U8k
	        Homepage:			http://hackage.haskell.org/package/manatee
			Screenshots:		http://goo.gl/MkVw
			Framework:			http://goo.gl/otfb http://goo.gl/DMFW 
			Source Repository:	http://goo.gl/CoV0
            I have finish below modules in my Haskell OS:
				Webkit-Browser:			http://goo.gl/uoaX
				Editor:					http://goo.gl/ouDR	   
				File Manager:			http://goo.gl/x8Xi
				Picture Viewer:			http://goo.gl/EYih
				PDF reader:				http://goo.gl/8jCK
				Process Manager:		http://goo.gl/ISOr
				Music Player:			http://goo.gl/TMeD
				IRC client:				http://goo.gl/kY6v
				News reader:			http://goo.gl/BYVp
				Download-Manager:		http://goo.gl/30tTN
				Terminal-Emulator:      http://goo.gl/VMyaN
	        Below are modules in developing:
	            Mail-Client, IDE framework....


  -- Andy

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