[Haskell-cafe] Layout styles and EclipseFP evolution.

Scott Michel scooter.phd at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 02:48:28 CET 2010

Disclaimer: I'm not looking to start a favorite IDE flame war, or resurrect
Emacs vs. VIM vs. Yi vs. <insert your favorite IDE here> discussions.

I've been helping JP with EclipseFP, with the objective of evolving
EclipseFP into a relatively high productivity IDE for Haskell.  EclipseFP
has the potential to mature into a reasonable platform for making routine
coding easy, e.g., a HAppStack plugin that makes writing web apps in Haskell
just as easy as it is for the Java community to write web services.

I've just added Haskell code templates (*) to EclipseFP and, in the process,
encountered the distinct lack of layout autoindentation. I'm sure it used to
exist, but it doesn't exist today. I've looked at the Emacs haskell-mode.el
indentation style, which I'm inclined to port over.

Are there other layout autoindentation styles that other people prefer and
believe should be supported?


(*) The current development version supports templates like
"let<Ctrl+Space>" and you get a let expression inserted. Eventually, if you
were to type "case<Ctrl+Space>" and you tab out of the expression between
"case" and "of", you would get the data type's alternatives inserted.

(**) Don S told me that a similar "case" autocompletion exists in another
IDE. Yes, EclipseFP is just catching up.

(***) Wishlist: An incremental parser that can accept document
changes/deltas and can look backward from the current point to give better
context for completions, e.g., the previous token before the editor's point
is "import".
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