[Haskell-cafe] Haskell, Step by Step, Tutorial, Developing a Whole Application

__kaveh__ kaveh.shahbazian at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 00:49:56 CET 2010

Is there a (or more; the more, the better) tutorial for Haskell,
developing a whole application (of any kind: web, windows, console)?

I mean something like NerdDinner or MVC Music Store for ASP.NET MVC;
Or those whole applications in "in Action" books.


Edit 1: Thanks to all for your replies. I just wanted to insist on
"step by step developing a whole application" aspect of what I want;
not those tutorials that teach Haskell (they are not bad - They are
not this). I believe if one could understand Haskell well and even
understand it's underlying mathematical foundations, that (absolutely)
does not mean "he can develop an application in Haskell". The problem
with Haskell is not failing to understand it (I can use LINQ and even
developed a DSL based on LINQ - a LINQ provider - and see how it makes
composition tidy) but failing to understand the context (system
thinking). I can use same concepts in C# because I "know" the context
and it is easy to "feed in" new tools/concepts. In Haskell, one can
understand every bit of it (well almost) but there is no context there
to fit in! So (I might not be wrong - but who knows!) there is an
absolute need for this kind of "tutorial" (I wish there was a better
name for this).

Edit 2: I believe there is a way to learn and teach Haskell in a neat
and straight way (That does not mean I think Haskell is a pragmatic
programming language - don't get me wrong; I appreciate it; but start-
up barrier with Haskell it too high; It has still a long way ahead to
be considered as a common purpose programming language and may never
does. But Haskell is definitely father of future programming languages
- and also not so future ones!)

Note: I have asked this question on stackoverflow (http://goo.gl/
bCFf7) and I will try to sync useful information as much as possible.

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