[Haskell-cafe] Rendering of <hask> in new wiki (MSIE6)

Dimitry Golubovsky golubovsky at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 15:01:49 CET 2010


In MSIE6, <hask> tags are rendered like this (from the Monad_Transformers page):

transformers: provides the classes
, as well as concrete monad transformers such as

... etc.

The Wiki source:

[http://hackage.haskell.org/package/transformers transformers]:
provides the classes <hask>MonadTrans</hask> and <hask>MonadIO</hask>,
as well as concrete monad transformers such as <hask>StateT</hask>.

HTML (a small piece of it):

provides the classes <div class="inline-code"><div dir="ltr"
style="text-align: left;"><div class="source-haskell"
style="font-family: monospace;">MonadTrans</div></div></div>

Words MonadTrans, MonadIO, StateT etc are enclosed in <hask> tags.
They show up in monospace, each starting a new line. Is this only
MSIE6, or this is how it is supposed to render?


PS I am not attaching a screenshot to the mailing list; if anyone
needs to see it I'll send via personal e-mail.

Dimitry Golubovsky

Anywhere on the Web

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