[Haskell-cafe] Taking the TLS package for a spin ... and failing

Vincent Hanquez tab at snarc.org
Wed Dec 15 00:34:13 CET 2010

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 11:41:29AM +0100, Mads Lindstrøm wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
> I got it to work :) But there seems to be some bugs in the Haskell
> server certificate handling. It seems that TLS do not transfer the ST
> (state, as in California) parameter in the X509 subject field. It also
> seems that the Haskell server do not send the email-address.
> The reason for my suspicion is that when I connect my Java client to the
> Haskell server, the client sees this certificate:

Hi Mads,

That's great you got it to work.

The certificate fields missing is indeed a bug in the certificate package,
which I just fixed in certificate-0.4 (mainly I forgot to write all the "others"
fields in the Distinguish Name structure). I reuploaded a new tls 0.3.2 as well
for convenience, and couple of others minor fixes.


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