[Haskell-cafe] admission to graduate program in CS

Johann Bach johann.bach1127 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 22:25:07 CET 2010

Can I get some recommendations for CS textbooks to study for the CS
GRE? Note that I am already fluent in C++ and Python (and getting
better at Haskell), so I don't need hand-holding in learning the very
basics... however, I do need to review the standard theory. For
example, if the GRE asks: "What are the fundamental elements of OO?"
I'm actually not sure what the answer is. (There's a difference
between using an OO language, and talking about the theory behind it.
In garden-variety programming we never talk about the theory.)

I assume that any textbook is going to include the basics---I can skim
through those parts. But I would be curious if there is a textbook
that quickly gets into the deep stuff (and is particularly relevant to
the GRE).


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