[Haskell-cafe] threadWaitRead and threadWaitWrite on multiple fds

Mathijs Kwik bluescreen303 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 01:37:15 CET 2010

Hi all,

I read the paper about the new ghc7 event handling IO manager goodies.
This is all very exciting stuff. I didn't know GHC's RTS had these
smart async-IO facilities.
The paper pointed me at threadWaitRead/threadWaitWrite.
While very nice the way they are, I would also like to be able to wait
on more than 1 fd until 1 of them becomes available.

Would it be possible to create this functionality myself? Or do I need
to request it and wait for a new GHC?
It looks like the functionality I need is in System/Event/Thread.
I think I can manage to write my own version of those functions which
then loop through a list of fds, but the original file imports
System/Event/Manager (registerFd, unregisterFd_) which I can't do
because it's a hidden module.
Is there a way around this?


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