[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger 0.13

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Tue Dec 7 03:42:19 CET 2010

I've released hledger 0.13, with readline editing and tab completion  
from Judah Jacobson, more ledger compatibility, a more robust and  
installable web interface, bugfixes, and a much-deliberated package  

Docs and mac and 64-bit linux binaries are at http://hledger.org , and  
of course you can cabal update and cabal install hledger, cabal  
install hledger-web and so on. I didn't manage to build new windows or  
linux 32-bit binaries today, but they'll appear when I do. Let it be  
noted that maintaining a non-trivial cross-platform haskell app is  
currently quite hard.

Release notes:

   * move web, vty, chart commands into separate hledger-web, hledger- 
     hledger-chart packages. This both simplifies (no more build  
flags) and
     complicates (more room for dependency hassles), but I hope  
overall it
     will be easier and more scalable.

   * all packages but chart are now marked "beta", ie "not finished but
     suitable for everyday use"

   * parsing: ledger compatibility: support D default commodity  
   * parsing: ledger compatibility: ignore metadata tags on  
transactions and postings
   * parsing: ledger compatibility: ignore cleared flags at the start  
of postings
   * parsing: ledger compatibility: ignore C commodity conversion  
   * parsing: price precisions no longer affect commodities' display  
   * add: readline-style editing
   * add: tab-completion for account names
   * add: add the default commodity, if any, to commodity-less amounts  
   * add: misc. commodity/precision/defaults-related bugfixes
   * chart: give a meaningful error message for empty journals
   * chart: update for current Chart lib (0.14)
   * web: support files now live in ./.hledger/web/ and will be auto- 
created at startup
   * web: page layout is more robust with wide content
   * web: allow editing of included files
   * web: handle multiple filter patterns correctly
   * web: allow single- or double-quoted filter patterns containing  
   * web: update for current yesod lib (0.6.*)
   * transaction balancing is now based on display precision (#23)
   * briefer, more informative usage error messages

Stats: 91 days and 117 commits since last release, now at 5997 lines  
of code with 151 tests.

hledger is at a point where real-world user and developer input is  
needed to focus it; participants welcome. Best,


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