[Haskell-cafe] getErrorStatus in HXT

Tobias Schoofs tobias.schoofs at gmx.net
Fri Dec 3 13:52:37 CET 2010


I have some problems with the error processing in HXT.

Here is a trivial example:

e <- runX (transformDoc [] someRules src dst)

transformDoc cfg rules src dst =
    configSysVars cfg >>>
    readDocument  [] src >>>
    rules >>> -- some transformations
    writeDocument [] dst >>>

I would expect "e" to contain an error value >= c_err for the case where 
any of the processing steps in transformDoc fails. But it does not, even 
with an io error on writeDocument.

I guess I misunderstand "getErrStatus" in some way. Any idea?



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