[Haskell-cafe] Warning: Module `Prelude' is deprecated:

Mathew de Detrich deteego at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 21:42:08 EDT 2010

As said, this is an issue with the package maintainer who explicitly used
base 3.0 as a dependancy

I believe that base 3 is gonna be killed in ghc 6.14 iirc

On 27/08/2010 10:17 AM, "Michael Litchard" <michael at schmong.org> wrote:

So lately when I use cabal to install something get

   Warning: Module `Prelude' is deprecated:
              You are using the old package `base' version 3.x.
              Future GHC versions will not support base version 3.x. You
              should update your code to use the new base version 4.x.

how do I implement cabal's advice?
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