[Haskell-cafe] Removing polymorphism from type classes (viz. Functor) (Again)

Stephen Tetley stephen.tetley at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 05:06:34 EDT 2010

On 15 August 2010 08:50, Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
<ivan.miljenovic at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yeah, I'm working on something like this at the moment, but I'm
> currently stuck on naming: if I want to have Functor for kind * -> *,
> what's a good name for a type class for kind *?

Conor McBride has suggested looking at arity families of functor-like
things (functor, traversable, foldable, halfzippable(?)) may be


Functors and bi-functors have obvious names, but naming zero arity and
three-and-higher ones would need systematic treatment.

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