[Haskell-cafe] Some Haskell mode extensions

Christopher Done chrisdone at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 9 15:52:56 EDT 2010

Hi there,

I've written some very simple Emacs modules for making using Haskell
in Emacs a little bit nicer:


You can download the project with git, or pick and choose individual files:





More documentation about installed module completion here, I need to
do another module for syntax-aware import editing, but this module is
already quite usable:

I have a few more in the works and more planned, e.g. (some of which
may already have been implemented somewhere, but):

1) syntax aware import line editing (think: tabbing between sections,
toggling qualified on/off, etc.)
2) controlling cabal through inferior-haskell-mode (already done this,
but I need to make it portable)
3) tidying up of inferior-haskell (it wastes a lot of space)
4) more interactiveness with inferior-haskell e.g. "you need
-XExtension" should really just prompt me whether I want to add it to
the file or enable it in ghci, and then do it. (When you're in the
middle of working, adding extensions to the top of the file is
5) automatic integration with etags and some improvement to its little issues
6) a high-level .cabal file editing mode
7) unit testing integration

And so on. There's loads that can be done. I'm just implementing the
stuff I want, and if some of it's useful in general, maybe it can be
absorbed into the general haskell-mode distrib.

The haskell-emacs mailing list is down at the moment, so I thought I'd
post here.


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