[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] ANNOUNCE: jhc 0.7.4

Jinjing Wang nfjinjing at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 14:34:19 EDT 2010

I think the default locale of the terminal app on snow leopard is utf-8.

I can also report that I have no problem compiling the tar version of
jhc 0.7.4 on snow leopard 10.6.4 using ghc 6.12.1, need to install the
editline package though.

On Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 5:33 AM, John Meacham <john at repetae.net> wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 04:01:53PM -0500, Antoine Latter wrote:
>> * running DrIFT on src/E/TypeCheck.hs fails with an illegal
>> bytesequence in hGetContents. I'm guessing that this is only an issue
>> when building DrIFT with GHC 6.12+, and that the file contains bytes
>> illegal in UTF8. I deleted everything funny looking in the file and
>> then it went smooth
> Hi, are you compiling from the tarball or the darcs repository? the
> tarball shouldn't require DrIFT to be installed. I had not tested DrIFT
> with 6.12 but that file should be in UTF8. Hmm... on OSX, is the default
> locale a UTF8 one? does ghc 6.12 properly encode to/from utf8 on it by
> defualt? could you check, I don't have a mac handy.
>> * The way you use sed doesn't work with the BSD sed that ships with my
>> Mac Book. Installing GNU sed and using it works. Similarly, BSD find
>> doesn't know about '-name', so make hl-clean results in sadness.
> Hmm.. yeah, this has been reported before, but I was unable to reproduce
> the problem. But I may have accidentally been using a GNU sed, my mac at
> the time was highly gnu-ized. Could you send me a version that works.
>> * jhci works great, but jhc crashes when I try to compile something:
>> >>>>>
>> jhc test1.hs
>> jhc 0.7.4 (tokfekyuvi-27)
>> Finding Dependencies...
>> Using Ho Cache: '/Users/alatter/.jhc/cache'
>> Main                    [test1.hs]
>> Typechecking...
>> [1 of 1] Main             (.............................................)
>> test1.hs:9   - Warning: defaulting:  t93 => Jhc.Basics.Integer
>> Compiling...
>> [1 of 1] Main             <..................................................>
>> Collected Compilation...
>> -- typeAnalyzeMethods
>> -- BoxifyProgram
>> -- Boxy WorkWrap
>> -- LambdaLift
>> E
>> jhc: <stdout>: hPutChar: invalid argument (Illegal byte sequence)
>> <<<<<
>> Again, this seems like the handle is in UTF8 mode and we're trying to
>> output something non-UTF8.
> Hmm.. clearly something about the locale is wrong... It is outputing a
> unicode character there, but it shoudl translate adn display to utf8
> just fine. perhaps ghc is not actually opening utf8 handles on your
> platform...
>> * cabal install has a --jhc flag, but it doesn't seem to work:
>> >>>>>
>> cabal install byteorder --jhc
>> Resolving dependencies...
>> cabal: internal error: impossible
>> <<<<<
>> I have jhc installed in a non-standard location (under ${HOME}/usr) so
>> I may need to have some environment variables set up. This is wil
>> Cabal and cabal-install 0.8.2
> The cabal support for jhc never worked actually, it wasn't written by
> me. There really isn't any easy way to integrate cabal with jhc right
> now, and even if there was, all of hackage has ghc specific
> dependencies. No doubt the solution to this problem will be involved, I
> have conciously decided to not think about the issue until I have full
> haskell 2010 support down pat. That will be more useful for writing
> portable programs in the short run.
>> Keep up the good work!
>> I have an implementation for STRefs I threw together this afternoon
>> for jhc if you're interested. I can't test it properly, though, with
>> the compiler crash above.
> Try without the '-v' flag, it shouldn't try printing the non ascii
> character then. or modify src/Stats.hs and replacet all the C.<char>
> constants with ascii equivalants. If there is a good way to test whether
> the terminal supports non-ascii characters, that would be good to put a
> test in jhc for.
>        John
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