[Haskell-cafe] Re: Haskell in Industry

Wouter Swierstra wouter at vectorfabrics.com
Mon Aug 9 03:10:57 EDT 2010

>> Good, we need more functional programmers actually solving real
>> problems.  But please put your skills to work in an industry other
>> than investment banking.

There are lots of companies outside of investment-banking using
functional programming.

Bluespec, Galois, TypLab, are all serious Haskell users. Larger
companies such as AT&T, Facebook, and Google have all used Haskell for
various projects.

If you look a bit further afield, there are even more companies using
F#, Caml, and Erlang. I use Caml almost exclusively in my day job at
Vector Fabrics – which is poles apart from investment banking. (And
yes, we're always interested in hiring good functional programmers.)

If you want a FP job outside of investment banking, keep an eye on the
CUFP website and the FP mailing lists. Opportunities abound!


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