[Haskell-cafe] Combining Gtk2hs and Fieldtrip

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> Subject: Re: [Haskell-cafe] Combining Gtk2hs and Fieldtrip
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> Gtk2hs has an OepnGL binding. So you can create OpenGL context and draw there.
> I don't think you will still be able to use parallel threads, but path
> to hardware renderer will be shorter for sure.

Thanks for the info!

I looked at the documentation for GtkGLExt (I think you were referring 
to this), and compared to FieldTrip, I think it's a lot harder to write.
 As diving into either of these systems would require serious work, I'm 
not totally sure of this, but it seems that FieldTrip is more high-level
 with its wrappers and with GtkGLExts you still have to deal with lots 
of small details. Is it possible that that FieldTrip could export a data structure (Geometry3 ?) that can be read by GtkGLExts? That would solve the problem of interfacing between Gtk2hs and FieldTrip.

Herng Yi

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