[Haskell-cafe] Chart package segfaults when rendering to window

Tim Docker twd2 at dockerz.net
Sun Aug 1 22:56:25 EDT 2010

On 27/07/10 21:37, briand at aracnet.com wrote:
> I can run any of the examples from the home page that render to screen.
> the AM chart is the one I'm using.
> BTW, the AM chart has a bug.  It does not include the proper color
> modules and needs a (opaque color) instead of just color.
> gtk2hs is 11
> gtk+ C library appars to be (debian package) 2.20.1

Which version of the chart library are you running? Can you provide a 
small example that reproduces the seg fault?

Note that there's a mailing list for this library:


I'm more likely to notice questions that arise there.


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