[Haskell-cafe] I need help getting started

mitchell at kaplan2.com mitchell at kaplan2.com
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Hi Ivan,

I have read through parts of the tutorials, and also purchased "Real World
Haskell" - O'Reilly.  It's not homework, if I were that young I might have
more patience with my progress.

Actually I going through the problems in ProjectEuler, and primarily using
Mathematica.  But it's slow.  I thought that this would be a good
opportunity to learn Haskell.  I read about the various functional languages
available, ocaml, ML, Erlang and flirted briefly with F#.  I wanted to find
one that was fast.  Haskell looked like a good choice.  Also, many of the
people solving the ProjectEuler problems were using it (and of course a
million other languages).

I could definitely use a library function.  I looked and found 2 libraries
that seemed to have one.  However, I am beginning and haven't really learned
enough to figure out how to load the libraries.  Also, I wanted a
deterministic one, and I think I recall that one was probabilistic.

Thanks for getting back to me.


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<mitchell at kaplan2.com> writes:
> I'm just starting to learn, or trying to learn Haskell.  I want to write a
> function to tell me if a number's prime.  This is what I've got:

Have you read through any tutorials?

Do you need to write this prime detection function yourself (if so, is
this homework?) or can you use a pre-defined function?

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