[Haskell-cafe] The instability of Haskell libraries

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Apr 23 20:19:55 EDT 2010

> Hmm...But who would be willing to take on the hard, tedious, and time consuming
> work of maintaining the CI build system?  I think for this build system effort
> to really take off a group of a few deadicated volunteers would be necessary.

CI for the HP would be really easy, and extremely high value.

As I said on Reddit, the community saw the instability problem 2 years ago, and
launched the Haskell Platform effort to address this -- by requiring
stability, with long release cycles. However, we're only a few months
in, so the impact isn't being felt yet.  Wait till we've had 10 years of
versioning stability, like the Python core has.

Any steps volunteers can take to ensure the HP is both stable and comprehensive,
to build that solid foundation, will be greatly appreciated.

-- Don

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