[Haskell-cafe] Re: Move MonadIO to base

wren ng thornton wren at freegeek.org
Tue Apr 20 01:58:21 EDT 2010

wren ng thornton wrote:
> Anders Kaseorg wrote:
>> Isaac Dupree wrote:
>>> Do you see the difference? The effects are sequenced in different 
>>> places.
>>> The return/join pair moves all the effects *outside* the operations such
>>> as catch... thus defeating the entire purpose of morphIO. 
>> Yes; my question is more whether Wren has a more clever way to get an 
>> isomorphism (forall b. (m a -> IO b) -> IO b) <-> IO (m a) that would 
>> make the simpler interface work out.  (Or maybe I misunderstood what 
>> he was getting at.)
> Yeah no, that's what I was getting at. Since it doesn't quite work out, 
> I should probably rethink my appeal to parametricity re Kleisli arrows.[1]

No, my parametricity was correct, just the implementations were wrong:

     {-# LANGUAGE RankNTypes #-}
     module MorphIO where
     import Prelude hiding (catch)
     import Control.Monad
     import qualified Control.Exception as E
     import Control.Exception (NonTermination(..))

     class Monad m => MonadMorphIO m where
         morphIO :: (forall b. (m a -> IO b) -> IO b) -> m a

     class Monad m => MonadJoinIO m where
         -- | Embed the IO into the monad m
         joinIO :: IO (m a) -> m a

         -- | Extract the IO computation to the top level,
         -- rendering the m pure from IO.
         partIO :: m a -> IO (m a)

     joinIO'  m = morphIO (m >>=)
     morphIO' f = joinIO (f partIO)

     instance MonadMorphIO IO where
         morphIO f = f id

     instance MonadJoinIO IO where
         joinIO = join
         partIO = fmap return -- N.B. fmap return /= return

     catch  m h = morphIO  $ \w -> w m `E.catch` \e -> w (h e)
     catch' m h = morphIO' $ \w -> w m `E.catch` \e -> w (h e)

     test  = E.throwIO NonTermination `catch`  \NonTermination -> return 
     test' = E.throwIO NonTermination `catch'` \NonTermination -> return 

Live well,

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